10KV Surge Protection Device

It is applied to all kinds of electronic equipment, instruments and meters, communication lines

Color : Black
Product Code : SP1

The basic features of surge protection device are:

1, the protection has large flow rate, low residual pressure and fast response time;

2, the use of the latest arc extinguishing technology, to avoid fire;

3, using temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection;

4, with power status indication, indicating the state of surge protector;

5, strict structure, stable and reliable work


Adapted to SSL outdoor lighting,the Philips SP1 surge protection device provides single phase protection for line/neutral,line/ground and neutral/ground in accordance with IEEE C62.41 2002 C High. The SP1 small size corresponds to the current design requirements for the new technology luminaires,like a LED light engine in ourdoor lighting.

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