Mar 2019 Renda Mountain Farm

2019-04-01 11:59:56 Leyond 153

   The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, and spring is the season of recovery. 

   The date of Mar.30th,2019 is a spring blooming day, Leyond little friends started the day at Renda Mountain Farm.The development of the farmhouse aims to bring people closer to nature, experience the beauty of nature, and feel the breath of spring.Everyone joins hands to pick vegetables and stir-fry, which fully reflects the cohesiveness of employees and the spirit of enthusiasm.In the enjoyment, busy green, laughter and laughter, Leyond's little friends ended the day trip of Renda Mountain Farm.

   Get close to nature, enjoy nature; thank nature, thank Leyond.qithink enterprise content manager system | qithink CMSqithink enterprise content manager system | qithink CMS

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